Hawaiian/Polynesian Vocalist 

Big Kahuna Luau is casting talented dancers, vocalists, and other musicians, aged 21 and older to fill our luau show venues with world-class entertainment.

Hawaiian/Polynesian Vocalist 

This lead vocalist should be engaging and versatile, preferably with musical expertise with Hawaiian and Polynesian.

Preference is towards vocalists/musicians with top-notch rhythmic timing, adaptable in various styles of Hawaiian and Polynesia musicianship, and excellent pitch and tone matching.  

This entertainer may also play in another segment of the show, with different musician combinations, as necessary.

The Cast

Big Kahuna Luau consists of 40 artists, including 30 dancers.  The cast consisted of 2 female singers, 2 male singers, 10 male dancers, 10 female dancers, and 10 female chorus lines. Big Kahuna Luau Show uses spectacular costumes featuring thousands of feathers and rhinestones, rich fabrics, and the famous grass skirts designed for Big Kahuna Luau & Show.


  • Act 1 Creation Of Fire – A Tribute to Air, Water, and Fire
  • Act 2 Let’s Do the Hula, Hula! – A Tribute to Hawaii
  • Act 3 Showtime! Is a Party at the Luau! – A Tribute to Big Band Golden Era
  • Act 4 Cubanissimo! – A Tribute to Cuban Music 
  • Act 5 The Samoan Fire Knife Dance – A Tribute to Samoa
  • Act 6 Tahitian Otea – A Tribute to Tahiti
  • Act 7 Grand Finale – A Tribute to Life

The epic opening scene welcomes the audience and sets the evening’s tone with special effects and lighting.  As the lights go dark, the live-fire tiki torch lights the entire cast the appears on the stage, honoring the demigod Maui as he discovers the secret of fire-making. 

The audience’s admiring gaze, who find themselves entering an island paradise, experience the drums’ mystical and energetic sounds!  From this moment on, the spectators let themselves be enticed by our Dancers’ beauty and hips!

Big Kahuna Luau Show Cabaret has been produced by pop artist D’manti. The shows are performed to original and remastered music arranged and directed by Grammy Awarded Producer Marlow Rosado. The choreography is a collaboration with world-renowned Latin/Ballrooms choreographers and the best Kumu Hulas.

The elaborated production’s music is original and a medley of popular songs mixed with Hollywood and the Big Band Golden Era. The performers change costumes several times. One scene will feature the epic Samoan Fire Dance. The closing number features  “It’s a Beautiful Life,” a Grammy-nominated and top 10 Billboard Chart Song by D’manti) and performs with the full cast in spectacular costumes.

Big Kahuna Luau Show takes pride in introducing a redefined luau concept with The Florida Tiki Style Luau!™.  This new luau theme combines the best elements of the Hawaiian Luau, Cuban Cabaret, and Florida’s regional cuisine.

Guest experience the magic of Florida in our tropical paradise surrounded by palm trees and tiki huts. Family and friends re-connect with fun luau activities, legendary sunset ceremonies, tiki bars, diner, and our epic show. 

With a personalized customer-centric approach, Big Kahuna Luau delivers an elevated guest experience with an overall sense of generous Floridian hospitality, relaxed luxury, and seemingly effortless attention to every detail. 


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