The Big Kahuna Luau Show Production

Add WOW! to Your Next Event

Big Kahuna Luau prides itself in quality entertainment with over 500 employees, musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers. In addition to our luau venues across Florida, we strive to deliver custom luau themed events specifically designed for conventions, meetings & incentives, weddings, and any other special occasion.

Event Activities & Ceremonies

The luau activities offer our guests a fun and immersive experience, where they can enjoy flower lei making, Polynesian tattooing, and participate in ukulele and hula dance lessons! Then, after the Tiki Torch Lighting Ceremony and the Showers of Flowers, enjoy pork tasting from the imu underground oven used to cook the pork.

Discover World-Class Dining Experiences

We offer Florida's best selection of authentic tiki drinks and island-inspired cuisine. Our exotic drinks are concocted by our master bartenders and mixologists. The luau dinner is a unique culinary experience. With local organic products and intense attention to flavors, we prepare our food with a love for perfection that will impress even the most experienced restaurant-goer. The big Kahuna Luau can offer a custom menu by our renowned and award-winning south Florida chefs pair with wine, beer, and handcrafted signature cocktails from our Tiki Bar.   Designed to entice and tantalize the taste buds, our expert consultants and catering staff are at your service, ready to assist you in creating the perfect event imaginable. 

Award-Winning Show

Our show consists of a talented troupe of singers, dancers, actors and actresses, artists, and industry professionals from across the world including Hawaii, Tahiti, the Caribbean islands, and the USA. Our talented entertainers perform to original and remastered live music with colorful costumes of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins are uniquely designed for the Big Kahuna Luau Show.

We Serve Our Clients Across the USA

Let Us Bring the Luau To You!

Big Kahuna Luau can travel to your location to set up a perfect event.

Big Kahuna Luau Experience Overview

A Revolution in luau dinner show, fun, and tiki bars!

Big Kahuna Luau has redefined the luau concept with The Florida Tiki Style Luau!™. This new luau theme combines the best elements of the Hawaiian Luau, Cuban Cabaret, and Florida’s regional cuisine. 

Big Kahuna Luau Show Concept and Theme

We transport guests to a lush tropical paradise surrounded by palm trees and tiki huts with the overall sense of gracious hospitality, relaxed luxury, and seemingly effortless attention to every detail.

The experience begins with the Conch Shell Royal Welcome with mai tai and flower lei greetings to impress guests.

The lively musicians keep the venue festive while guests enjoy the tiki bars’ excellent selection of cocktails and participate in fun luau activities like lei making, Polynesian tattoo, ukulele, and hula lessons.

The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies begin with the tiki torch lighting, the Shower of Flowers Blessing, and the Kalua pig’s unearthing from the underground oven.

Guests enjoy a sumptuous island-inspired Florida fusion culinary dining experience.

The evening ends with our award-winning show of the legendary Polynesian demigod- Maui as he discovers the secret of making fire. The musical journey will captivate you with our incomparable entertainers showcasing their voices, dances, and beauty.


Big Kahuna Luau will transport you to our tropical paradise with tiki statues and exotic plants & birds.

The overall sense is generous hospitality, easy, relaxed luxury, and seemingly effortless attention to every detail. 

Our Luau show provides an elevated guest experience by delivering genuine hospitality, tropical tiki cocktails, fun luau activities, a tasteful blend of island-inspired South Florida fusion cuisine, and an action-packed show featuring 30 world-class performers enacting the story of legendary gods ignited by fire, song, and dance.

The Big Kahuna Luau, a Revolution in Luau, Fun, and Tiki Bars!

The Royal Welcome Ceremony (5:45-6:15 pm) greets you with Tahitian drums & Hawaiian conch shell, a flower lei, refreshing mai-tai, and delicious appetizers. 

Tiki Bars (5:30-8:30 pm) offers the most delicious selection of tropical tiki cocktails prepared to perfection by our skilled bartenders. We provide from handcrafted signature cocktails to authentic Mojitos and the world’s largest rum selection.

Fun Luau Activities (6:00-7:00 pm) for everyone featuring coconut leaf weaving, lei making, Polynesian Tattoos, ukulele, and hula lessons.

The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies(6:45-7:00 pm)occur as the sun goes down; you will witness the tiki torches lighting, the Tahitian chanting, the Showers of Flowers from the top of a coconut tree, fallow by the pork tasting from the underground imu oven used to cook the pork to perfection.

 Dinner  (7:00 -7:45) 

We can work with your venue or hotel to provide three delectable dining options :

  • Rodizio Style Dinner Buffet & Sushi Station
  • Upscale Prime Rib Buffet
  • Standard Hawaiian dishes 

The Big Kahuna Luau Show It’s a Party at the Luau (8:00-8:50 pm) is an award-winning Show featuring great entertainment in the heart of South Florida. 

As the lights go dark, the fire torch lights the entire cast that appears on the stage, honoring the demigod Maui as he discovers the secret of fire-making. 

We tribute to the great sounds of the Golden days of Hollywood, Cuba, and Hawaii ignited by fire, song, and dance, and the music will captivate you, featuring over 30 performers.

The admiring gaze of the audience, who find themselves entering an island paradise to experience the mystical and energetic sounds of the drums! The beauty and hips of our dancers will entice you.

Big Kahuna Luau dinner show will satisfy the most demanding guest.

Meet the Cast & Farewell  (8:50-9:15 pm)




  • The Royal Welcome with Mai Tai and fresh flower lei greeting 
  •  Fun luau activities (coconut leaves weaving, Polynesia tattoos lei making, ukulele and hula lessons)
  • Tiki Bars with a great selection of handcrafted tropical cocktails (open or hosted)
  • The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies
  • Imu (underground) roasted pig
  • Island-Inspired culinary Luau Dinner buffet experience (your choice) 
  • Award-winning Show with Samoan fire dancers, graceful Hula, Tahitian and Cuban performers


  • Extraordinary welcome with festive ambiance
  •  Be ready to participate in Fun luau activities
  • You can choose from the great selection of cocktails at Tiki bars
  • Sunset ceremonies and the pulling of the roasted pork  from the underground imu
  • The dinner, followed by the award-winning show

Price Excludes

  • Dinner 


Most hotels and venues require that their event department cater the food and bar.  We can work with them set up the dinner portion of the luau.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera


  • Government-issued identification
  • Comfortable resort wear and casual shoes/sandals

Show Tips & General  Info

Seating arrangement for dinner & Show

  • We can arrange the seating in any configuration you want.
  • We recommend our luau seating configuration since it’s optimized for service and capacity.

Will Call & Box Office

  • If you want to issue admission tickets, we can work with you. 

Dress Code Recommendation

A luau is a place to connect with family and friends and have fun! We encourage guests to wear comfortable and casual resort-style clothing.

Adult men – are encouraged to wear dressier shorts, pants, nice jeans with a polo, Hawaiian, or other collared shirts along with casual shoes or sandals.

Adult women – are courageous to wear sun or casual dress, island dress or a blouse with a nice pair of jeans, slacks, skirt or capris, and casual shoes or sandals.

Teens – Should dress according to adult guidelines.

Allowed: Flip-flops or sandals are permitted.

Allowed but discourage:  Generally ripped jeans, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, and baseball caps.

Recommended: light jacket during the winter since It can get a little chilly in the evening.

Photo Op

Big Kahuna Luau is the perfect opportunity for families and groups of friends to dress in a theme (Hawaiian or Florida shirts) or the same color palette, arrange for a photo shoot before dinner, during the Legendary Sunset Ceremony, or at the tiki bars.  

Special Conditions

  • The show has sexy customs that might be sensitive or provocative for some guests.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Age Restriction & Children Rule

  • An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18

Smoking Policy

  • Smoking, Vaping, and e-cigarettes are prohibited in the showroom/dining and general areas.
  • If you need, a smoke area can be allocated.


Total time 90 Minutes (5:00-8:45 pm)

  • Gate Opens at 4:30 pm.
  • The Royal Welcome Ceremony (4:45-5:00 pm)
  • Tiki Bars (5:00-8:30 pm)
  • Fun Luau Activities (5:00-6:30 pm)
  • Legendary Sunset Ceremonies (6:30- 7 pm)
  • Dinner & Pre-show (7:00-7:45 pm)
  • Brake before the show (7:45-8:00 pm)
  • Showtime! It’s a Party at the Luau (8:00-8:45 pm)
  • Photo with Cast & Farewell (8:50-9:15 pm)

Choose the Right Event Package For You!

The perfect event for any occasion, The Big Kahuna Lūau is available for a buyout option. Whether for a company event, family gathering, celebration, or reunion, The Big Kahuna Lūau is fun for everyone. With customizable packages, your Hawaiian luau experience can be tailored to your guests’ needs. Let us create an unforgettable experience for your next event with our Tiki Style LuWOW!

The Basic Package –
from $5,000
The Tiki Package –
from $25,000
The Big Kahuna Package –
from $100,000
* Price caluculated per person (Flower $20, Kukui nut $15, Shell, $5).
** We offer hosted or cash tiki bars with signature cocktails.
*** Tiki torch lighting can be moved outside for indoor venues.
**** Underground imu ceremony involves pork. Alternative options available to satisfy religious beliefs or dietary restrictions.
***** Please note most hotels require use of their catering department. Catering for luau buffet dinner available upon request. Kosher and Vegetarian Options Available.
The Royal Welcome
Lei Greeting (Flower, Kukui nut, Shell)*
Welcome Mai Tai & Appetizer
Fun Luau Activities
Lei Making, Coconut Leaf Weaving,
Polynesian Tattoos, Ukulele, and Hula
Tiki Bars
Hosted or cash tiki bars**
Legendary Sunset Ceremonies
Tiki Torch Lighting***, Tahitian Blessing Chant,
Showers of Flowers, & Imu Ceremony****
Dinner & Pre-Show
3 Dining Options*****, Master of Ceremonies,
live background music
Mini Show
2 dancers & ukulele player
Mid-Size Production
Cast of 8 dancers & trio
Full Show Production
Troupe of 50 artists (dancers & musicians)

Please Note: These prices are only referred to the property & facilities. These prices exclude food and beverages and any other additional service. A deposit, 50% of the total contracted minimum will be required to confirm a definite reservation. Deposits can be made by all major credit cards. We will apply a courtesy hold for the desired date for 5 business days. If no deposit is received within 5 business days, the date will be released.

Tent Calculator – see how much space you need.
This Luau  Space Planning Guide can help you.
Theater Style Seating
Conference Style Seating
Formal Dinner Style Seating
Casual Event Style Seating
Cocktail Event Style Standing
Bar Areas
Tiki bar areas
Buffet Tables
Buffet tables & chairs
Waiter Stations# of stations
Waiter stations
Dance Floor 
Dance floor 
Band Stage 
Luaus Show Band stage 

Big Kahuna Luau Seating Section Set-up 

If you have about 1500, we recommend creating 6 sections.

1. Diamond (144 seats) 

  • 1 row of 12 tables w/12 seats each 

2. Platinum  (288 seats) 

  • 2 rows of 12 tables w/12 seats each 

3. Gold (432 seats) 

  • 3 rows of 12 tables w/12 seats each 

4. Silver (432 seats)

  • 1 row of 12 tables w/12 seats each 

5. Bronze (144 seats) 

  • 3 rows of 12 tables w/12seats each 

6. Cocktail (144 seats)

  • 1 row of 12 tables w/12seats each 


  • 132 rectangle tables in total ( 6’ long)
  • 1,585 chairs in total 
  • This setup creates 84 seats for extra guests not accounted for on your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Big Kahuna Luau consists of different activities.  The schedule of luau events is:

  1. The Royal Welcome Ceremony (4:45-5:15 pm)
  2. Tiki Bars  (5:00-8:30 pm)
  3. Fun Luau Activities (5:00-6:30 pm)
  4. Legendary Sunset Ceremonies  & unearthing of the roasted pork (6:30-7:00 pm)
  5. Dinner (7:00-7:45 pm)
  6. Break (7:45-8:00)
  7. Showtime!  (8:00-8:45 pm)
  8. Meet the Cast & Farewell  (8:50-9:15 pm)

A: Depending on the size of your group, we usually set up  6 Sections: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Cocktail. Guests will be seated in one of these sections, following your instructions.

When guests arrive, we’ll give them their table numbers. After the fun luau activities, Legendary Sunset Ceremonies, we will start seating for dinner.

Please note that guests will use the same seat when the show begins.

The show begins after dinner and tables have been cleaned. 

A: We recommend that you arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the gate’s opening.

Remember that the luau experience starts promptly at 500pm with the Royal Welcome Ceremony.

This is an extraordinary experience that your guests might not want to miss.

A: Yes, please luau can have many vegetarian options. 

A: Since we are an outdoor venue, we are not limited in the number of guests who can book the luau show. Big Kahuna Luau follows all local and CDS mandates and recommendations. See our safety measures and process at

A: Big Kahuna Luau encourages guests to wear comfortable, casual resort-style clothing.

Adult men – are encouraged to wear dressier shorts, pants, nice jeans with a polo, Hawaiian, or other collared shirts along with casual shoes or sandals.

Adult women – are courageous to wear sun or casual dress, a blouse with a nice pair of jeans, slacks, a skirt or capris, and casual shoes or sandals.

Teens – Should dress according to adult guidelines.

Shoes: Flip-flops or sandals or comfortable shoes encourage.

Recommended: light jacket during the winter since It can get a little chilly in the evening.

Photo Op Big Kahuna Luau is the perfect opportunity for families and groups of friends to dress in a theme.

(Hawaiian or Florida shirts) or in the same color palette, arrange for a photo shoot before dinner, during the Legendary Sunset Ceremony, or at the tiki bars.

The venue will take family portraits.

Big Kahuna Luau is a place to connect with family and have fun!

  • Guests should wear comfortable casual resort wear.
  • Women do not need to wear formal evening dresses.
  • Men do not have to wear suits, dress shoes, or ties.

BKL’s Rider is simple. For your convenience, the Big Kahuna Production team can arrange many of the event set-up requirements. We can also work with your team or with a local event production company of your choice. 

  1. Technical Equipment
    • Sound and light systems must follow BKL’s specifications.
  2. Stage Set-Up
    • The stage needs to be 60 feet wide by 44 feet deep by 6 feet tall and 4 feet from the floor. 
    • Stage props and designs consist of tiki statues and tropical foliage.
  3. Dressing Room Requirements
    • The male dressing room must have 
      • Two banquet tables with linen,  
      • Ten chairs 
      • 4 Electrical Outlets  
    • The female Dressing room must have 
      • Two banquet tables with linen,  
      • Ten chairs 
      • 4 Electrical Outlets  
    • Bottled water available  
  4. Security (Arranged by the Event organizer) 
    • We require some form of security to maintain entertainers’ privacy and safety.
    • Security also protects gear, equipment, wardrobe, instruments, and other personal property. 
  5. Parking (Arranged by the Event organizer) 
    • The event organizer will be required to cover the cost of parking cost. 
  6. Broadcast Rights
    1. The event organizer cannot record, reproduce, broadcast, or transmit live from the venue without written authorization.
  7. Interviews, Meet and Greets 
    • BKL’s performers are available for interviews, meet and greets, and other promo activities. 
  8. Air or Ground Transportation, Accommodation
    • R/t air/ground transportation, accommodation, and r/t transfers to the venue- hotel- terminal is to be paid for by the event organizer.
  9. Food & Beverages
    • Snacks, meals & beverages are required if BKL will be performing for more than two shows.  

A: All guests will receive a welcome our signature Screaming Mai Tai™ at arrival

  • The bar can be hosted or non-hosted.
  • We can provide drink tickets to guests
  • Guest have the option to purchase additional drink tickets at the luau venue

The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies are breathtaking experiences that showcase ancient Hawaiian traditions and Florida’s vibrant sunsets.

The tiki torches are lit as the sun sets and the luau ceremonies begin. We transport you to paradise with native chanting, the shower of flower blessing, and a traditional underground imu oven ceremony where the luau pork is cooked perfectly. The traditions come to a mouth-watering conclusion as you get a chance to taste the delicious pork slowly roasted in banana leaves.

A: Yes, we can set up a shop with a great selection of tiki-style souvenirs, brand wear, and Hawaiian shirts and dresses.

A: Yes, as a souvenir of guets evening and luau experience, we can hire a professional photographer.

A: Yes, guests can are allowed to photograph, film or record during the Big Kahuna Luau Show for copyright and security reasons.

A: Our luau show is appropriate for all ages, and our performance has no nudity.

The male hula dancers usually perform without a shirt and wear a tapa (a male skirt).

The female hula dancers might wear coconut braziers and pareos following traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions.

During the Cuban cabaret portion of the show, the lady dancers will perform using customs that some people consider provocative.

A: Big Kahuna Luau’s policy on sanitization is to follow all local and CDC mandates and recommendations.  Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff. See our safety measures and process at

A: Big Kahuna Luau’s policy on social distancing is enforced throughout the experience. See our safety measures and process at:

 Big Kahuna Luau is held outdoors throughout the event experience.

We set up tents in case of rain.

The regular rain does not impact the luau experience because we can set up large tents.



email your or text the nearest hotel to you. 

Transportation is not included.

If you have guests needing transportation from different hotels, we can arrange for a shuttle company to provide that service.

Our operation team will assist with all the logistics.