Diamond Package

Experience the Big Kahuna Luau 16-course Dinner Show with our diamond package that features a private welcome reception, open bar VIP access, a VIP attendant, a 16-course luau dinner, and VIP diamond seating at our award-winning show.

What's Included

Diamond Package Itinerary

Experience the Big Kahuna Luau 16-course Dinner Show with our diamond package that features a private Royal Welcome, open bar privileges, fun luau activities, legendary sunset ceremonies, a chef-prepared 16-course dinner experience, and VIP diamond seating at our award-winning show.

Diamond Package Inclusions:

  • Private Reception with Fresh flower or kukui nut lei greeting
  • Signature screaming Mai Tai, and Chef-prepared appetizer
  • Open Bar & VIP Line Access
  • Five fun luau activities
  • Legendary sunset ceremonies
  • Underground imu oven (pork tasting)
  • Tiki Bars
  • 16-course dinner experience
  • Diamond seating (Private cabanas available for purchase with Diamond Package)
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Complimentary Big Kahuna Tiki Glass

Show Overview:

“It’s a Party at the Luau,” by the Big Kahuna Luau, honors and highlights the influence of the islands on Southern Florida. Our troupe consists of 30 artists recruited from Hawaii, Tahiti, the Caribbean islands, and the USA. Our sexy, colorful costumes of rhinestones, feathers, and sequins are specially designed for the Big Kahuna Luau. The show is inspired by Hawaiian, Cuban, and Floridian influences that we’ve combined to create an unforgettable night of world-class entertainment. We perform original and remastered music arranged and directed by Grammy Award Winning Producer Marlow Rosado. Estimated running time: 45 minutes.

What You'll Do at Big Kahuna Luau:

We invite you to visit the Big Kahuna Luau for an unforgettable Florida luau dinner show VIP experience that combines the best elements of the Hawaiian Luau, Cuban Cabaret, and South Florida’s lifestyle. Our luau features an award-winning show, fun luau activities, legendary sunset ceremonies, an extraordinary island-inspired dinner experience, and exotic tiki bars in a lush tropical venue. 

  • Royal Welcome (5:00 p.m) - Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our ambassadors, who will escort you to your private reception. You will receive a hand-picked fresh flower lei necklace, a signature Screaming Mai Tai, and our chef-prepared pumpkin bisque shooter. Let us transport you to paradise as the mighty sounds of the Tahitian drums and Hawaiian conch shells bellow through the air. You'll have the opportunity to explore our beautiful venue grounds with exuberant waterfalls, large huts, and tiki statues surrounded by impressive palms. 
  • Luau Activities & Tiki Bars (5:30 p.m) - Join us at one of our tiki bars for a refreshing cocktail, then make your way over to our luau activities. Immerse yourself in island and tiki culture with five fun activities, including lei making, coconut leaf weaving, Hawaiian tattoos, ukulele, and hula lessons.
  • Legendary Sunset Ceremonies (6:30 p.m) - As the evening nears, listen for the blowing of the Hawaiian p? (conch shell) and the captivating chants that signal the ending of the day. Once the tiki torches are lit, witness the shower of flowers as one of our brave k?ne climbs to the top of a coconut tree. We also honor an ancient Hawaiian tradition with our own underground imu ceremony and kalua pork tasting.
  • 16-course Dinner Experience (7:00 p.m) - Our VIP diamond package includes offers a chef-prepared 16-course dinner extravaganza curated and prepared by Florida’s most renowned chefs. Food is the cornerstone of our dinner show experience, as we create an authentic Hawaiian luau with local organic products curated with intense attention to flavors. Before the show beings, you will have the opportunity to visit the tiki bars, take pictures of the venue, and purchase Big Kahuna Luau souvenirs, aloha shirts, and beachwear at our gift shop.
  • "It's a Party at the Luau" Show (8:00 p.m) - Witness our spectacular island revue from our diamond section. The show consists of 7 acts that will take you on a Hawaiian and Polynesian legends journey through music, captivating dance, ancient chants, and blazing fire!
  • "It's a Beautiful Life" Farewell Parade & Departure (8:45 p.m) - The show concludes with a beautiful tribute to life. Witness colorful scenes to beautiful music ending with a great parade from the full cast. Join the fun by participating in our conga line to Tahitian drums. Before leaving, notify your executive attendant if you would like to take home a Big Kahuna Tiki Glass.

About The Big Kahuna Luau:

The Big Kahuna Luau is an innovative entertainment concept that has redefined the luau with a modern, elevated, and exciting experience featuring live shows, restaurants serving island-inspired cuisine, and exotic tiki bars in a lush tropical setting. We're setting the benchmark in providing a memorable Florida vacation experience with an overall sense of generous hospitality, relaxed luxury, and seemingly effortless attention to every detail.

Price Exclusion:

  • R/T Transportation - $25

Diamond Package FAQs

The price of the Diamond Package is $229.99 per adult & $219.99 per child. This cost includes the luau admission, an open bar, five fun activities, a 16-course gourmet dinner, and diamond seating for the show. In addition, our Diamond guests receive a free Big Kahuna Tiki glass and the show program.

Big Kahuna Luau is held outdoors throughout the duration of the event experience. We do offer large tiki hut coverage in case of inclement weather.

The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies are breathtaking experiences that showcase ancient Hawaiian traditions and Florida’s vibrant sunsets. As the sun sets, the tiki torches are lit and the luau ceremonies begin. We transport you to paradise with native chanting, the shower of flower blessing, and a traditional underground imu oven ceremony where the luau pork is cooked perfection. The ceremonies come to a mouth-watering conclusion as you get a chance to taste the delicious pork slowly roasted in banana leaves. 

Adults Child (2-12) Lap Child (0-1)