We're more than a luau.

Big Kahuna Luau has redefined the luau experience with our new, elevated, and exciting luau dinner show that combines the best elements of the Hawaiian Luau, Cuban Cabaret, and Florida’s lifestyle – the “Floridian Tiki Style LuWOW!” 

BKL delivers an elevated guest experience in a tropical venue with an overall sense of generous hospitality, relaxed luxury, and seemingly effortless attention to every detail.  We’re setting the benchmark in providing once in a lifetime experiences – all with the genuine spirit of Floridian hospitality.

The Royal Welcome

Let us welcome you with a lei greeting, our signature Screaming Mai Tai, and welcome appetizer.

Fun Luau Activities

Our luau experience features five fun activities designed to transport you to paradise.

Tiki Bars

We offer libations you'd want from a tiki bar, from exotic tiki drinks to handcrafted cocktails.

Sunset Ceremonies

As the sun goes down, the tiki torches are lit and the legendary sunset ceremonies begin.

An Unforgettable Dinner

Enjoy all the delicious flavors of the islands with three incredible dinner experiences.

Big Kahuna Luau Show

Our award-winning show pays tribute to Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Cuba, and the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Discover a unique sense of place.

At Big Kahuna Luau, we embrace the luxury of travel while creating a genuine connection between people and place. We offer a wholly sensory experience, a union of sights, sounds, scents, and tastes that accommodates guests of all ages and perfectly complements your next Florida vacation.

Which package is right for you?

With six luau packages, you have the freedom to choose an experience that’s best suited for you.

Diamond Package

16-course luau dinner show

*Private reception, tiki glass, souvenir & program

per person

Platinum Package

12-course luau dinner show

per person

Gold Package

Luau Dinner Buffet & Show

per person

Silver Package

Luau Dinner Buffet & Show

per person

Bronze Package

Luau Dinner Buffet & Show

per person

Cocktail Package

Cocktail Show Only*

*Does not include activities, ceremonies, or dinner

per person

Popular Luau Destinations

Explore our luau locations across Florida that will perfectly complement your vacation at any time of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Kahuna Luau is an elevated luau dinner show experience that features extraordinary live entertainment, a gourmet dinner with an all-you-can-eat buffet, and exotic tiki bars served in a lush tropical setting.

To visit our luau is to experience a dream destination. Our live musical journey of Caribbean, Cuban, Hawaiian, and Polynesian rhythms and dances is fused with the sounds of the Big Band Era, delicious South Florida cuisine, tropical cocktails, and unparalleled guest activities set in a romantic and colorful tropical garden oasis with coconut groves, flaming torches, waterfalls, and impressive tiki huts. Join us as we help you create memorable experiences and discover the genuine spirit of hospitality.

Big Kahuna Luau has luau destinations across Florida. If you’d to book your visit to a luau near you, tap or click here.

The cost depends on which package you choose. (1) Enjoy our show only with cocktail seating by choosing the Cocktail Package at just $99.99 per person. (2) The Bronze Package is $129.99 per person with the activities, buffet, and bronze seating. (3) The Silver Package, which offers 2 drink tickets, our luau experiences, and silver seating at the show, is just $149.99 per person. (4) Choose the Gold Package for our luau experience with 4 drink tickets and gold seating for $159.99 per person. (5) The Platinum Package is just 189.99 per person with 5 drink tickets, a chef-prepared 12-course dinner, and platinum seating. (6) Guests seeking the ultimate VIP luau experience with an open bar, a 16-course dinner, and diamond seating can choose the Diamond Package at $229.99 per person.

The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies are breathtaking experiences that showcase ancient Hawaiian traditions and Florida’s vibrant sunsets. As the sun sets, the tiki torches are lit and the luau ceremonies begin. We transport you to paradise with native chanting, the shower of flower blessing, and a traditional underground imu oven ceremony where the luau pork is cooked perfection. The ceremonies come to a mouth-watering conclusion as you get a chance to taste the delicious pork slowly roasted in banana leaves. 

Call our reservation center at (954) 669-0169 to upgrade your luau experience.

Big Kahuna Luau is held outdoors throughout the duration of the event experience.

Let the Luau Begin!

Turn your Florida vacation into an unforgettable adventure.