How to make a lei necklace in 5 easy steps

You'll need the following materials: a stem of full blooming flowers, scissors, a long needle, and mono filament fishing string.
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The Big Kahuna Luau offers flower lei making as part of our fun luau activites.

Boca Raton, Florida – Many people in tropical islands, like Hawaii and Polynesia, wear flower lei necklaces to welcome guests or to celebrate birthdays and graduations. If you want to make a lei for your party guests or business associates, make the leis in advance or set up a “lei-making station” and have your guest make their own. You can greet each guest with a warm, special lei greeting welcome. Leis can be made of flowers, shells, feathers, leaves, seeds, and nuts.

Step 1. Collect 50 fresh flowers

You’ll need to gather about 50 blossoms. Make sure they are an adequate size and have durable petals. Orchids, plumerias, and daisies are recommended for making your lei.

Step 2. Cut the string

Cut the mono-filament or fishing string to the length you want your lei to be, adding a few inches so that you can tie the ends off.

Step 3. Thread the needle

Thread the needle with the cut fishing string. Tie a knot at the end of the fishing string  to establish a “stopper” at the starting point of your lei.

Step 4. Thread the flowers

Insert the needle through the base of the flower  bloom and gently pull it along the fishing string to the starter knot. Repeat the process for all the blooms facing he same direction until the fishing string is full of the blooms.

Step 5. Tie the ends in a knot

When the lei reaches the desired length, tie off the ends of the fishing line in a knot and snip off the excess fishing string.

About The Big Kahuna Luau

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The Legendary Sunset Ceremonies with the Tiki Torch Lighting, Showers of Flowers, Tahitian Blessing Chant, and the unveiling of the roasted pork from the imu underground earth oven is fallow by Dinner that tasteful blend island-inspired fusion cuisine.

The Award-Winning Show feature 30 artists that will captive guests with their voice, dances, and beauty as they enact the story of Maui, a Polynesian demi-god, as he discovered the secret to making fire. The musical journey pays tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Cuban Cabaret, Hawaii, and the South Seas’ romance.

Big Kahuna Luau delivers an elevated guest experience with an overall sense of generous hospitality, relaxed luxury, and seemingly effortless attention to every detail. 

Big Kahuna Luau In a Nutshell

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Big Kahuna Luau offers 6 tickets options from the exclusive VIP to Premium to affordable Standard packages.

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