Malama I Ka `Aina

Big Kahuna Luau’s belief in Malama I Ka `Aina, which means to care for our land, is central to our sustainability mission to protect Florida’s precious natural beauty and biodiversity.

Ecological Sustainability

We embrace the ancient Hawaiian concept of Mālama i ka ʻĀina because we feel it’s our responsibility to protect and care for our planet and all life that depends on it. We support companies and non-profit organizations that align with our passion to protect the environment.

Our Commitment

We are committed to minimizing any carbon footprint from activities associated with the tourism industry.

Carbon Offset

We operate using a comprehensive approach that offsets our carbon footprint and enhances the neighboring ecosystems. We work hard to foster a strong culture of sustainability directly in our organization and throughout the tourism community.

Restoration & Conservation

We promote the development, restoration, protection, conservation, and improvement of natural sites or ecosystems, existing tourist sites, and heritage or historical sites

Intelligent Luxury

“Intelligent Luxury” refers to an attitude of responsibility, a steady, unwavering balance where neither guest comforts nor the environment in which we operate is compromised.

Eco-Friendly Construction

We don't use any rainforest wood during the construction of our tiki huts, only wood from responsibly managed sources. We maintain an absolute sense of ecological responsibility throughout every phase of our tiki hut development.

Water Conservation

From our corporate office to each luau venue, we practice water conservation both in development and during the daily operation of the luau. We will install water-efficient bathrooms and waterless urinals.

Chemical & Waste Management

Waste is a massive cause of environmental degradation. Therefore we work with biodegradable chemicals and utilize all treated wastewater as garden irrigation. No discharge will flow into the ocean.

Improving Air Quality

We make every effort to ensure the very best air quality in the venue. We plant and maintain a rich profusion of non-invasive plants and vegetation to help improve the ecosystem's diversity.

Renewable Energy

We employ the best electrical power solutions from renewable, sustainable sources such as solar power. Improved energy efficiency ensures a greater carbon offset and an increased bottom line. You'll find more tiki torches than light bulbs at our luaus.

Respecting and Balancing

Our lush vegetation and diverse gardens occupy nearly 90% of the venue. We use soil from local composting facilities that nurture optimal growing conditions.

The Endangered Birds, Bees, & Plants Preserve

Nurturing wildlife and enriching the human experience:

Big Kahuna Luau will plant many trees to create a “Sanctuary” as our dedication to nature and the conservation of endangered bees and plants. BKL will donate to plant one tree for every guest that visits the luau. This donation should result in the planting of half-a-million trees per year, helping offset any carbon footprint and supporting the habitation of rare and endangered birds and bees. BKL will take advantage of the most innovative behavioral enrichment devices, plus extensive use of indigenous trees, plants, and other native species to attract bees.